Our culture, our pride

Bafut Manjong Cultural Association (BMCA) Calgary operates under the motto “Unity, Love, Progress”, the association aims to foster friendship and instill a sense of development between members, share with members in good times and bad, and help newcomers settle painlessly in Calgary. Membership is extended to inlude Bafut people (by birth or mariage), as well as non-Bafut people who express the interest to join and abide by the association’s rules and regulations. 

Our Vision

Bafut Manjong Cultural Association – BMCA Calgary envisions to unite all Bafut indigenes in Calgary, promote socio-cultural values of Bafut, facilitate integration of Bafut new-comers into Calgary and finally, liaise with other Bafut Cultural Associations all over the world and other ethno-cultural organizations in Calgary.

Bafut is a subdivision under the Mezam division and has its own council with modern government institutions. Bafut is located in the North West region of Cameroon. The population of Bafut is estimated at 120.000 people spread over a land surface area of some 340 square kilometers. Bafut has three main regions; Mumela’a (the heart of Bafut), Ntari (southern part of Bafut or the ridge area) and Mbu’untii (the northern or lower Bafut which is along the River Menchum).Bafut is the most powerful of the traditional kingdoms of the Grassfields, now divided into 26 wards along a 10 kilometer stretch of the “Ring Road” that trails along a ridge above the Menchum Valley. Bafut is primarily an agrarian region. The Bafut people have a very rich culture and are multilingual. They speak Bafut, English, Pidgin English etc. whenever the need arises for one of these languages.