Cultural Display

We are committed to portraying the culture and tradition of the people of Bafut, which in turn represents a highlight of key cultural traits of other tribes in the Western Highlands of Cameroon. In Calgary, the BMCA is one of the most sought cultural groups invited to grace occasions. We have animated a myriad of outdoor and indoor events in the city. 

The traditional music displayed by the BMCA makes use of local instruments such as xylophones, drums and pipes sacred to the people of Bafut, and recognized by the supreme ruler (Fon) of the Bafut Fondom. We take pride in standing for our culture. The atmosphere is usually painted with colorful traditional garments and unique music sung by men and women. The spectacular display of the Bafut “Juju” will definitely wow you and your guests, and send you on a quest for more. The preparation is intense, the display is unique and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Also as custodians of the Bafut culture and tradition in Calgary, the BMCA is willing to answer questions you might have about our culture and tradition.

We are open to invitations to be part of your occasion and give your guests a thrill of a their lives. Terms and conditions apply to inviting the Association’s traditional dance group.