Disaster Relief

Bafut Manjong Cultural Association (BMCA) Calgary comes to the assistance of people stricken by unfortunate circumstances. As a group, we express compassion and love towards members and towards others outside our membership. In 2013, the BMCA joined hands with Samaritanès Purse to assist in the disaster relief and clean-up process at High River, Southern Alberta. With a team made of men, women and children, we were able to go into private homes of  residents of High River and assist in the restoration of their aesthetics and comfort. 

The flood, which hit most of Southern Alberta from about June 20, 2013 emanated from heavy rainfall causing the overflow of major rivers such as the Elbow, Highwood and Bow Rivers. This caused the diaplacement of over 100,000 inhabitants of the region, with an estimate of $5 Billion worth of damage. 

Homes were wrecked, public infrastructure damaged and emergency units activated at various parts of the province to house affected people. High River was one of the hard hit settlements, and were in desperate need of help. The Bafut Manjong Calgary lent a hand to these inhabitants. We were happy to be a part of it.