Educational Resource Center

The Bafut Manjong Cultural Association is committed to encouraging education at all levels within the Bafut community. In this light, we have established long-term partnership with donor organizations such as World Serve Thrift in Calgary, AB Canada, who continue to support us in donatine books and other educational materials for our “Library Project”.

About the Library Project

Just over a year ago, the BMCA launched a library project, with the aim to furnish an educational resource center hosted at the Bafut Municipal Council. The target is to donate ~10,000 books and ~500 computers to the library by 2017.

So far, ~2000 books have been handed over to the Lord Mayor of the Bafut Council, and currently available for use by students and other members of the public. Books cover a variety of topics, including natural and pure sciences, social sciences, Technical studies, medical studies and other trades.

Over the Christmas period of 2014, a delegation from the BMCA handed over ~1600 books to the Lord Mayor, who is currently working with his dedicated team to expand the building for the educational resource center.

Our current needs

While we are making great success in this project, we need more support from other donors like you. So far, the books donated are mostly for post-secondary education. However, in order to build the community from the ground up, the BMCA intends to purchase books currently on the curricula for nursery, primary and secondary schools in Cameroon. That way, pupils and children from these lower but very important levels of education will be able to build their knowledge in desired fields. To cover the costs of purchasing these books, members are making a huge financial commitment, but we will also appreciate your support.

We are also miles away from meeting our computer donation side of the project. Currently, we have partnership with Columbia College, Calgary who have made some computer donations. Also, other members have made in-kind donations in this direction. We are counting on you to help us support this area. If you have any used computers to donate, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any options with you.