We have collaborated with many organizations / institution in the course of our existence so far. We are happy for the relationships we have created so far, and look forward to expanding our network to include others. The following organizations/institutions come to mind when we think of our networking / collaboration initiative.

The Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary. BMCA is a committed member.
samaritans-purseWhen disaster stroke Alberta in 2013, BMCA worked with Samaritan's Purse to assist victims in High River get back on their feet   calgary-police
BMCA is working with Calgary Police to achieve peace and security in any way possible. 
As part of this great City, we continue to receive support and collaborate with the City Council 


Our sister association in Edmonton. It is always a thrill working together.

Columbia College has in the past assisted the BMCA in the form of computer donations. We are grateful for your support.


BMCA makes donations back to the Bafut Community back home through the Bafut Council. Our recent book donations will go a long way to furnishing the Community Library.


Over the past years, WorldServe Ministries has generously donated more that a thousand books to the BMCA towards the library project, and we are very grateful for this support and proud of our partnership.

If your organization would like to establish network ties with the BMCA, please contact us. Our doors are always open.