Traveling to Cameroon

cmrPlanning to travel to Cameroon for a tour? Bafut Manjong Cultural Association can be of help in providing advice on places to visit in the Bamenda Highlands. There are amazing cultural monuments of interest as well as resort / nature centers you definitely should consider visiting. We can provide you with information on where to go, when to go and even directions on how to get help going around while in Bamenda. We will also be able to recommend upcoming cultural festivals, which will make your trip an amazing experience. Contact us to request a meeting with a member of our Asociation.

Traveling to Canadacanada lg

BMCA also assists newcomers to Calgary in the settlement process. Our members have had a wealth of experience in different aspects of life in Canada. Therefore, who better than we to provide useful information to others and help them in their settlement process?

Our community has witnessed a growth in strength and numbers over the past years. We instill a sense of belonging in our newcomers and make their first experience better than otherwise. We help answer questions such as what to pack, what to expect in terms of weather, the economic situation, taking first steps towards getting a job, etc. We're available to help. 


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Note: BMCA does not charge any fees to provide information. Please contact us us if anyone has asked for a fee for this service.